Solia Universal Dual Voltage Ceramic Toned Iron

  Who can it be for?: The GHD Salon Styler is fitted to hair types that are difficult to look after. The wide plates allow better coverage for much longer and/or thicker hair.

  GHD IV Mini Styler

  The GHD Mini Styler may be the smaller counterpart to very first ghd green envy styler GHD IV. Metropolis Tourmaline Dual Voltage Travel and leisure Flat Iron

  This Metropolis Tourmaline Dual Voltage Travel Hair straightening iron has the maximum portability. Hence is the most common one, for those who are always going out. As this flat iron includes tourmaline which is among the most precious stones, is said to be the major source regarding ionic energy, which is required to keep your hair healthy. It gives more negative ions which is certainly like diet and exercise for your personal hair. It has retractable plates. It has superior quality and has a warranty for 10 quite a few years.

  Solia Universal Dual Voltage Ceramic Toned Iron

  The Solia Universal Dual Voltage Ceramic Hair straightening iron is the only hair straightner which is designed so that it can supply in the car also. All you need is a twelve voltage car adapter. It offers a variable temperature influence. It has a dynamic alignment system helping to make the heat distribution even and allows you to give a perfect contact from the plates and the mane. The Solia universal dual voltage ceramic hair straightner has a ceramic heating with auto sense know-how, which can provide instant as well as heat. It also generates the particular infra-red and negative ions which is needed to keep the hair healthy and balanced.

  There are many much more dual voltage ionic flat irons which are manufactured just by different companies, and are traditional. These dual voltage ceramic flat irons or irons works extremely well with AC 110 volts in The usa, and 220-240 volts for Asia, Australia and Europe.


  GHD has revolutionized in the same manner we style our locks. In fact, it ghd hair straightener australia has brought a great deal of quality styling which life seems to be a lot of fun. The GHD hair hair straighteners use temperature sensors which permit optimum temperature throughout the job of styling. It comes with a frizz-free, well textured hair which doesn't get intertwined anywhere as a result of its length.

  You can sport just about any look you want without needing to make expensive salon excursions. If it's a proper gathering, have your curly hair straight. For the company parties, get a curly or wavy look and obtain a frill on for the late might disco.

  Although the total product line deserves accolades and reviews, it's the GHD hair straighteners which are the make of town. GHD ceramic heating aspect is reasonably radical in itself attempting to keep the optimum hair temperatures all along. This we've got already discussed.

  Heat processing is a smart point with GHD. If the room temperature reaches 5 degrees ghd purple fahrenheit, GHD flat iron automatically visits the shiver mode. This combats condensation in the product and saves a iron from any part of damage.

  GHD flat irons contain all the controls at the top side of the bottom level grip. Further, the barrels cause it to be quite feasible to give any shape you wish. Design wise, GHD looks a cut above the rest.


GHD Hair Straightener

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